Rules & Regulation

Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram Membership Rules - 1. Ashram member means the person who has applied for membership. No other relative of that person will be considered as a member. Please note that only members will be allowed to stay overnight in the ashram along with their parents, life partner and children but anybody can come to attend satsang or any other program. 2. Only those people should apply for ashram membership who believe in the objectives and practices of 'Paavan Chintan Dhara' and do not consume non-vegetarian food or any type of intoxicants. 3. Only those members , whose membership is more than 3 months old can stay overnight in the ashram. Prior to coming to the ashram for overnight stay , members should inform the ashram. Please present your and your family member’s identity card and membership number once you enter the ashram. 4. Ashram members will have to follow the regular routine of the ashram. 5. The members who come to the ashram will also have to join yagya, pooja, other essential works and behave according to the rules of the ashram. Do not consider the ashram as a place of stay only. 6. Ashram members will have to be present in ashram activities and will have to do sadhana either in ashram or in camps at least once a year. 7. The membership of the ashram will be available for 2 years, 3 years, 5 years only after one has been the member for a period of 1 year. 8. On completion of 1 year, the membership renewal will be decided by the Ashram. 9. You can apply for lifetime membership only after 5 years of membership. 10. Please renew your membership 1 month in advance. 11. If any member is found engaged in unethical work or found working against the ashram rules, then his membership would be terminated with immediate effect and the ashram would not have any obligation to refund him the membership contribution. 12. Read the following oath carefully. Please become a member of the ashram only if you can keep up this oath. 13. Please note happiness, prosperity, satisfaction and peace of life can only be attained by devotion, sadhna and wisdom. For this, discipline and purity of mind & body is necessary. So, do not consider the above rules as a liability or burden. "Oath" I take my oath keeping God as a witness that I will walk on the path of service, sadhna and devotion. I shall remain away from perversions and bad habits. I shall render all possible service to Dharma and Indian culture. I shall contribute in service of the nation. I shall be committed to spirituality, knowledge, contemplation, satsang and social work. I shall not discriminate on the basis of race, gender and economic status. I shall not engage in any kind of antisocial activities in any way.